Volleyball Attack Training Assistant

This professional device is designed to learn and improve the skills of attack (and not only!) in volleyball. It can be used in schools, colleges, and sports clubs. The device was designed for all individuals or institutions who want to improve the volleyball skills of their players.

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The device after setting it by a trainer (adult) in a place intended for physical exercise, blocking the wheels and adjusting the height at which the "paws" should be positioned (mechanism feeding balls after each attack) is ready for use. The Exerciser/Trainer individually throw balls into the basket located on the ball feeder arm, which one after the other roll down, stopping one by one in "paws". The maximum number of balls on the ramp is 12, and after each attack, more balls can be thrown which guarantees, smooth training. People exercising/training when attacking are knocking the balls off paws one by one. After each attack, the next ball immediately falls into the "paws" and so on..


Using the Assistant to train an attack in volleyball leads primarily to improving the effectiveness of training and skills. Additional benefits resulting from the use of device include:

  • improving the players' motor skills in controlling the run lengths during the attack;
  • the possibility to practice a proper jump;
  • increase of the strength of the attack and correcting technical errors when hitting the ball;
  • improvement of the precision of attacks;
  • Practicing safe landing after an attack;
  • And many more…


                                                                       …AND START WINNING!

Technical data of the device:

Minimum height

2,78 m

Maximum height

4,14 m

Length of the feeder arm

2,30 m

Length of the feeder arm with the basket

2,59 m

Dimensions of the running base with mounted pole

0,69 m x0,765 m x1,97 m

Adjustment of height of ball in ,,paws’’

from 1,6 m to 2,97 m

Weight without load

72 kg

Weight with load

232 kg

Base surface

0.53 m2

Imprint of each wheel

58 kg


A 150 kg load should be placed inside the machine base (e.g. 6 sandbags of 25 kg each, wchich can be easily purchased at almost any building store for a low price).

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