Ball Catcher (not only) for Volleyball

The 3-in-1 formula means that you can place the basket in 3 different positions, which will allow you to perfectly adapt it to your current training needs.

The device is a convenience not only for coaches but also for players. It enables both ball interception and supports precision training.

The device meets the requirements of the standard: PN-EN 913:2008

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590,40 € (Brutto)
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What are the characteristics of this device? The 3-in-1 formula makes it multifunctional and will be very helpful in various training activities.

  • VERTICAL POSITION (shown in the main photo of the device);

The device can be placed directly behind the net to intercept all the balls hit by the players during their attacks (this way it will perfectly complement our Volleyball Attack Training Assistant.


The unit can stand anywhere on the court. It will serve the players as a target, like a training hoop (radar). It can be used in this form not only to improve the playmakers, but especially the attackers and the players who play the ball!


The device has an additional leg, which is very easy to install. Just turn it from the "rest" to the "training" position and put the whole upper part of the device on it. In this position, the device will be ideal placed near the furthest line of the pitch and will be a perfect target for both attackers and players!


With a view to facilitating the work of coaches, we have also taken care of:

  1. INNOVATIVENESS of the jack - very easy to use, safe for all users (there is no possibility of unlocking it by accident);
  2. MOBILITY - the ball catcher is mounted on four wheels with brakes, so when you want to move the device - there are no problems with it, and when you want to stop it in a specific place - it is stable and not tipping;
  3. KOMPAKTIVITY - the device is fully adapted to transport, it is important not only in the context of storing it, but above all when travelling with it, e.g. to training camps or between clubs/schools. 

All mechanical solutions are patented.




At this point, for specification questions, we encourage you to contact us by phone: (tel.kom. 791 461 261).

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