Voleyball Block Dummy

The dummy block is a professional trainer used during volleyball training.

Attackers do their best to dodge it in a skilful way, and after a failed attempt other players try to take over the ball after the block and play it again.

The irregular shape means that the ball will never bounce in a fully obvious way, and the 'finger tips' will seamlessly reveal the intended 'bruising of the block' by the player.

The device meets the requirements of the standard: PN-EN 913:2008

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590,40 € (Brutto)
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In addition to its robust, durable and safe construction, this dummy is characterised by:

  • an irregular shape:

making it so that the ball bouncing off the dummy block will surprise players who want to keep the falling ball further in play! No more intuitive ball trajectory, players now have the chance to progress even more efficiently!

  • "Finger finishing":

It is well known that the art is not only to get around the block, to break through it, but also to rebound it. The trajectory of the ball is then disturbed and opponents find it harder to defend themselves in such a situation. Our solution to this issue is simple but effective - both the players and the coach will know that this "manoeuvre" during the attack was performed during training.


And with a view to facilitating the work of coaches, we have taken care, above all, of:

  1. INNOVATIVENESS of the jack - very easy to use, safe for all users (there is no possibility to unlock it by accident);
  2. MOBILITY - the ball catcher is mounted on four wheels with brakes, so when you want to move the device - there are no problems, and when you want to stop it in a specific place - it is stable and not tipping;
  3. KOMPAKTIVITY - the device is fully adapted to transport, it is important not only in the context of storing it, but above all when travelling with it, e.g. to training camps or between clubs/schools. 

All mechanical solutions are patented.




At this point in time, for specification questions, we encourage you to contact us by phone: (tel.kom. 791 461 261)! 

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