Ball Catcher 2.0 [NEW!]

It is the only professional device on the market that is used in the precision training of ball overlays. It is perfect as a training aid for playmakers, but not only!

The device is a convenience not only for coaches, but also players. It enables both the capture of balls and aids in precision training.

The device meets the requirements of the PN-EN 913: 2008 standard


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589,00 € (Brutto)

In an effort to facilitate the work of trainers, we have taken care of:

  1. INNOVATIVITY OF THE BALL CATCHER - very easy to use, safe for all users (there is no way to unlock it by accident);
  2. MOBILITY - the ball catcher is mounted on four wheels with brakes, so when you want to move the device - there are no problems with it, and when you want to stop it in a particular place - it is stable and non-turning;
  3. COMPACT - the device is fully adapted to transport, this is important not only in the context of storing it, but above all when traveling with it, for example, to training camps, or between clubs/schools. 

All mechanical solutions patented.

The device is safe to use, it does not threaten the safety of exercisers, all due to the maintenance of the highest safety standards and norms!

Technical data:

Minimum height

1,85 m

Maximum height

2,90 m

Dimensions of the hoop

90 cm x 75 cm

Length of the net

2,40 m

Dimensions of the mobile base of the device

0,64 m x 0,80 m

Size of the base

0,512 m2

Weight of the device

41 kg

Psessure of one wheel on the ground

~10,25 kg
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