In our store you can pay for shopping in several ways. You choose the payment method when placing the order.

  1. Normal transfer to the Seller's bank account;
  2. payment via the "imoje" payment gateway (BLIK Payment, Online Transfers or Card Payments);
  3. in cash at the time of personal collection at the company's headquarters.

If the Buyer chooses to pay in advance, the order must be paid within 3 business days of placing the order.
The specificity of some payment methods may require payment of the order immediately after its submission.

Online payments secure as in abank!

  imoje-Ido-Sell-p-atno-ci-w-sklepie-internetowym-integracja is the first and only payment gate in Poland provided by the bank! All the most popular payment methods are available to them so that customers can pay as convenient as they can: BLIK, instant transfers, and payment cards.

Payment methods within me:

  1. E-transfer (imoje) - After selecting this payment option, you will be able to order a transfer directly from your bank. After successful payment, the order will be finalized.
  2. Blik (imoje) - Enter the Blik code from your bank's application and click pay. Then confirm the transaction with the PIN in the bank's application.
  3. Payment by card (imoje) - After providing your payment card details, enter the CVC verification code for additional protection.

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